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Great Start at China Sourcing Fair in Dubai

12th June 2010, our crew came back from China Sourcing Fair: Hardware & Building Materials at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre.

We take samples of stainless steel pipes, carbon steel pipes and steel pipe fittings to the show, and drawn the visitors who are in this line to our booth successfully.

One them who bought seamless carbon steel pipe from China said he is looking for welded carbon steel pipes supplier because his client want welded pipe also.
Another visitor told us, he want polished stainless steel pipes as furniture tubes.
One buyer wrote down his need for seamless carbon steel pipe and we quote at the show
Besides we receive a lot of name cards who needs steel pipe fittings also.

It was a great show and we plan to come next year”. Said our general manager Mr. Shao
“We will work hard and hope we can make great progress”. Said one of our crew.