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US unlawfully imposed anti-dumping on Chinese Steel pipe

The WTO’s appellate body, composed of the seven people who hear appeals from reports issued by panels in member-country disputes, ruled on March 11 that the US had unlawfully imposed anti-dumping and countervailing duties on Chinese steel pipes in 2007 – namely circular welded carbon steel pipe and light-walled rectangular pipe and steel tube. (The US also slapped higher duties on woven sacks and car tires.) The tariffs ranged up to 20 percent on these items, and the Commerce Department’s (USDOC) case for imposing the duties rested on the fact that China operates as a non-market economy. According to the China Economic Review, China based its appeal on the claim that the US couldn’t impose “two different classes of duties – antidumping and anti-subsidy – on the same goods.”

This anti-dumping ruling could be another hit to the US economy amidst what is seen by many as a broken trade system.