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A bigger step in United States

Last month, our general manager Mr. Shao got invited by the manager of Pittsburgh Pipe to visit their steel pipe mill in United States.

On day one, the manager of Pittsburgh Pipe has dinner with Mr. Shao. During the meal, they talked about the manufacturing of stainless steel pipes, carbon steel pipes and steel pipe fittings.

The Americans were so surprised that Chinese mills can make stainless steel pipes, carbon steel pipes, seamless carbon steel pipe, and welded steel pipes with good quality in such a low price.

Mr. Shao introduced that our mills have upgrade their production facilities, with the help of this, we can make stainless steel pipes, carbon steel pipes and steel pipe fittings more efficiently. And we now have the ability to make new products as sanitary pipe, boiler pipe, and ERW pipe.

The manager of Pittsburgh Pipe felt so glad to hear this. “Now we can have more business to talk!” he said.

“Let's toast to our Long-term cooperation and friendship!” Mr. Shao said.